Listen, I promise to never leave. I promise to always love you. I promise to take care of your mother. I promise to read all your favorite books. I promise to keep ordering two cups of coffee instead of one. I promise to always write you letters and visit you in both the good and the bad weathers. I promise to tell the undertakers not to pour concrete over your tomb, not to cover your body with a shroud. Hey i know the flowers can’t wait to grow. I know nature has been waiting for this for too long.


I’ve always wondered why you’re so warm. Turned out the sun made a home out of your body. I wish I could make a home out of your body. I wish I could bring your body back home. Last night, you looked like a moon made of amethyst. I am no scientist but I know the oceans rise and fall as you move your body. So does my heart baby. So does my heart. You are beauty in motion. Emotional motion. Infatuation. I’ve seen the world dancing in your eyes. I’ve seen seas crashing against rocks and rocks being thrown into seas and suns jumping into the water and water splashing into the air and the air bowing to you on its knees. My friend, you are a prayer yourself. You are a miracle. You are more alive than you’ve ever been.

with love, always,
your constant person